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Vandex BBA Waterproofing Systems now available from Triton

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Brush application of Triton Vandex BB75

Vandex waterproofing products, including BBA certified Vandex BB75 and BBA certified Vandex Super, are now available from Triton Systems.  The introduction of these two ‘Type A’ cementitious waterproofing systems to Triton’s range will enable specifiers to source, from a single point of supply, all the waterproofing materials they need for projects where a BBA certified, combined waterproofing system is required.

Vandex BB75, a ready mixed slurry coating, is designed to waterproof vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry substrates, including awkward areas in vaults and cellars where a cavity drained system would not be appropriate.

Vandex Super is an ‘active’ formulation, designed to waterproof foundations, slabs, lift pits and construction joints by combining with the free lime and moisture present to form insoluble crystalline complexes that block capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks.

Other Vandex products, including elasticized slurries and repair mortars, will also be available through Triton from now on.

Neil Taylor, Sales Director at Triton, said, “The introduction of Vandex products to our range means we’ll be able to supply a much wider choice of Type A waterproofing systems to our customers, in particular for where a BBA certification is required for third party building warranties such as NHBC and Premier. Our Vandex products will of course be backed up by the expert technical support architects and contractors have come to expect when sourcing waterproofing systems from Triton.”

Triton extends liquid applied waterproofing range

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Triton has extended its range of liquid applied waterproofing products to offer a wider choice of systems primarily for the reliable waterproofing of roofs and podium decks. Each of the three new systems provides Type A barrier protection waterproofing as defined in BS 8102 (2009). They are quick and easy to apply, very fast curing and suitable for application in cooler temperatures – therefore extending the season for application and reducing the downtime of areas treated.

TWS-Poly H produces a totally seamless waterproof surface on prepared concrete and can be applied by squeegee, brush, trowel or roller.  The 2-component polyurea formulation is ideal for waterproofing pitched or flat roofs, decks and balconies and other areas where a degree of flexibility is required. The trafficable, cured surface also makes it suitable for waterproofing concrete floors in car parks etc.  TWS-Poly H can also be applied to internal and external walls.

TWS-Poly S is another fast curing, 2-component polyuria formulation but designed for application by a twin nozzle, heated spray unit. Offering excellent bonding strength and crack bridging capability, TWS-Poly S can be combined with geotextiles to obtain on-site applied, seamless liners or coatings in tunnels or canals or used to waterproof pitched or flat roofs.  The cured surface allows for building movement and is trafficable and highly resistant to abrasion.

TWS Fastcoat

Single component TWS Fastcoat cures as an elastic and seamless layer that offers excellent weather resistance and can withstand permanent water contact. A key feature is its ability to deliver a combination of root barrier and waterproofing layer, therefore reducing the number of layers required in green roof construction. Applied by brush, spreader or airless equipment, its cured surface can be lightly trafficked making it suitable for low pitch or flat roofs and balconies.

Liquid applied waterproofing systems can deal with complex shapes and contours where joints or folds in other waterproofing materials might cause a weakness.  Technical support on the specification and installation of all Triton’s waterproofing systems is available from Triton’s technical team. Technical data sheets are also available for download here.

Reduce risk of flooding with new Universal Monitor!

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Triton’s new Universal Monitor delivers real time monitoring of water levels via the internet to your phone, tablet or pc!  Provides enhanced protection against flooding in domestic or commercial basements where a cavity drain system is installed.  Sends an alert when pump discharge levels are exceeded.

For more information download the data sheet here or speak to your local Triton representative.

New Temporary Pump Kit

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

New from Triton – a Temporary Pump Kit for removing flood water or ground water from a cavity drain membrane system until site is completed. Available now from Triton – download the data sheet here or speak to your local Triton representative for more information.

Triton launches new ground gas protection systems

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Triton has launched a new range of ground gas protection systems to help construction professionals fulfill the guidelines set out in the recently revised Code of Practice BS 8485: 2015.  The Code describes how to prevent the entry of carbon dioxide and methane into new buildings and has been substantially expanded and revised to reflect changes in good practice and to reference recent guidelines produced by CIRIA and BRE.

The new range is comprehensive and comprises liquid applied and sheet membranes. New Triton TGS-GM500 is a sheet membrane designed to prohibit the ingress of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Radon.  Where a barrier against explosive Hydrocardon gas is also required, new TGS-HCM1000 should be specified.  Both membranes are highly puncture resistant and are designed to provide protection for the life of the building.

New TWS-EX100GM provides a solution when protection against ground gas as well as water/water vapour is required. This self-adhesive membrane is designed to provide protection against Methane and Radon as well fulfilling the requirements of Type A waterproofing as defined in BS 8102: 2009.

Where a liquid applied system is more appropriate, Triton’s established TT Vapour Membrane is available for retro-application as a waterproof and gas-proof membrane to concrete, masonry and brick substrates or as an alternative to sheet membranes in new construction.
A full range of ancillary products including fans, sumps, primers, tapes and components for sealing service entries is also available, as is training for specifiers and installers, online data and full back up and technical support.

Find out more about the products here.

Triton introduce new jointing strip

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Triton has introduced a new sealing system designed to waterproof expansion/movement joints within concrete structures.  New Triton Colflex is a ready to use Hypalon jointing strip that forms a complete, high quality joint sealing system when used with Triton’s Trimol 23 epoxy adhesive.

Typical applications include sealing moving joints such as expansion joints and the treatment of isolated cracks in concrete – including cracks with large dilations.

Using Trimol 23, Colflex can be applied to wet or dry surfaces.  Trimol 23 has a very high adhesion to most construction materials and a fast curing time.  The Trimol 23/Colflex combination remains elastic, even at low temperatures.

Colflex is supplied in 1mm x 100mm x 20m and 1mm x 200mm x 20m rolls.

More information from the Triton sales office on 01322 318830 or download these documents:

Triton Colflex Data Sheet

Triton Colflex Material Safety Data Sheet

Detail drawing: TT057-1(1)


Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Tri-Seal, Triton’s liquid applied damproofing and waterproofing system, was specified as a guaranteed method of waterproofing to protect the servers in two major new data centres.

The servers will be located at ground floor level within the converted facilities. A total of 19,500m2 of Tri-Seal has been applied as a bunded floor finish over the concrete floor slabs constructed at first floor level.

All concrete surfaces were cleaned, ensuring all joints and cracks had been filled with Triton Fillet Seal. Triton Fillet Seal was also used at the junction between the floor slab and the bund walls.

Following preparation of the surface Tri-Seal was applied in a two coat application at a rate of 4m2/kg for the first coat and 5m2/kg for the second coat giving a total film thickness of 400 microns. The coverage rate of the first coat can vary from the above depending on the porosity of the surface to which is applied. Tri-Seal can be recoated approximately six to eight hours after the first coat application and is touch dry in approximately four to six hours. It is fully cured after seven days.

Where Tri-Seal is applied to bunded areas beneath raised access floors to prevent downward moisture ingress, drainage access points are either incorporated into the floor or the water is retained until it can be pumped out.

Tri-Seal is a solvent free, two part epoxy resin formulation, which can be used in a variety of applications.  In addition to application in bunded situations, it is also suitable for application on damp surfaces such as sand/cement and concrete floors subject to rising damp or containing residual construction moisture. The cured product provides a flexible, but tough barrier suitable for foot or light wheeled traffic.  It can be screeded or blinded with course aggregate as a key for renders, bonded screeds or tiles or with fine aggregate as a slip resistant finish.
Visit this link for further information and technical data sheets.

New water repellent and flood resilience measure

Monday, July 16th, 2012

New from Triton, Triproof Cream is an odourless water repellent treatment that improves the thermal performance of masonry walls and provides an easy to apply flood resilience measure. After application by roller or brush on to clean dry walls, Triproof Cream allows walls to breathe whilst protecting them from further damp penetration.  It can be used as a flood resilience measure for new and existing properties in flood risk areas.

Triproof Cream will improve the thermal performance of walls, by preventing the absorption of water that reduces the insulation properties of porous materials such as brick, concrete and mortar.

When first applied Triproof Cream appears white but within 24 – 48 hours the wall will revert to its original appearance.   Triproof Cream penetrates deeply into the wall and will provide protection from light rain within two hours of application. However, due to its penetrating nature it can take up to two months before its full beading effect is noticeable.

Triproof Cream is UV resistant and has a life expectancy of between 20 – 30 years. Call the sales office  on 01322 318830 or your local Triton salesman for more information.

Download Data Sheets here. Triproof Cream TDS Triproof Cream MSDS

New Platon Blue Plug & Seal

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Triton has launched new Platon Blue Plug & Seal, designed for use when installing Platon cavity drain membranes on weaker, more friable substrates to ensure a secure fixing. These new plugs are available in boxes of 100.  Contact  the sales office on 01322 318830 or your local Triton representative for further details – please find their numbers below.

Malcolm Cook (North, Ireland) 07971 803763

Graham Hughes (Wales, Midlands, East Anglia) 07768 350776

Steve West (South East) 07836 605552

Paul Green (London) 07771 922131

Dave Whichello (South West)  07768 350779

P20 membrane now available in sheet form!

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Platon P20 now available in sheet form

Our Platon P2o membrane is now available in an easy to use, convenient sheet form.  The new 1.36m x 2.22m sheets feature deep 20mm studs which easily interlock on installation. Joints are simply oversealed using Platon Overtape.  The sheets are easy to use and handle on site, and easy to store.  Installation is faster and easier especially when detailing around service entries, columns and abuttments, and there’s no need to flatten out the product before use.

Platon P20 sheet membranes are manufactured to the same high quality as Platon P20 rolls and there are no additional costs when compared for installation.  More information is available from your local Triton sales manager or call our sales office on 01322 318830.