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Triton’s TT Super Admix makes parking watertight under luxury development

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

A London development of seven luxurious new build apartments will feature a large basement to accommodate residents’ car parking, maintenance office and plant rooms. The basement has been constructed by Togher Construction Ltd (TCL) using 450m3 of concrete waterproofed by the inclusion of Triton’s TT Super Admix (Type B waterproofing as defined by BS 8102 2009) and Triton’s associated construction joint sealing products.

Pouring the watertight basement floor slab

Triton’s Super Admix was added to the mix at a ratio of 4.1kg per m3 of concrete with a minimum cement content of 35okg per m3 of concrete (C35 type concrete).  Triton’s TT Waterstop was set in to pre-formed recesses within all construction oints/interfaces and subsequently filled with Triton’s TT Swellseal Mastic to prevent ground water entering at these vulnerable points.

The active chemicals in Triton TT Super Admix react with free lime within fresh concrete to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation which seals the concrete against the penetration of water or liquid, protecting it and the steelwork within, from deterioration and carbonisation.

Sourcing all the components for a watertight concrete system from the same supplier offers significant benefits to all parties, most notably it avoids the split responsibility and compatibility issues often encountered when waterproofing system components are sourced from muiltiple suppliers.

The concrete for this project was supplied by Procon Readymix.

The soffit was treated with Triton Concrete Hardener & Sealer and painted.

Triton’s TT Waterstop seals 200 metres of construction joints in two storey basement!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

A reinforced two storey concrete basement is being constructed in London by Poundbourne Construction to create space for a  home cinema, swimming pool, sauna and gymnasium.

The specification of TT Super Admix to the concrete mix and TT Swellseal Mastic and TT Waterstop to approximately 200 linear metres of construction joints and interfaces has achieved a Type B waterproofing system as defined in BS 8102 2009.

The active chemicals in Triton TT Super Admix react with free lime within fresh concrete to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation which seals the concrete against the penetration of water or liquid, protecting it, and the steelwork within it, from deterioration and carbonisation.










Preparing the site prior to pouring the watertight concrete


Triton’s TT Waterstop was set in to pre-formed recesses within all construction joints/interfaces and subsequently filled with Triton’s TT  Swellseal Mastic to prevent ground water entering the structure at these most vulnerable points.  TT Waterstop is a pre-formed waterstop/waterbar supplied in a ready to use roll.  When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against the concrete surfaces to resist hydrostatic pressure and to stop water from entering the sub-structures.  It is capable of swelling up to 700% of its original size.  TT Waterstop returns to its original size if the concrete is completely dry but re-expands to seal potential leaking joints when water or moisture is re-introduced.









Service entries were also sealed with TT Waterstop






TT Swellseal Mastic is a gun applied single component hydro-reactive expansion sealant for waterproofing joints in concrete.  It will swell up to 100% when in contact with water and offers long lasting adhesive and hydro-swelling properties.

  The concrete was supplied to site by London Concrete.

Methane gas permeability

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


The Methane gas permeability test certificate for TT Vapour Membrane can be downloaded here.

 TT Vapour Membrane Test Data

Construction Joints – new guidance notes

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Download our new guidance notes on the use of TT Swellseal Mastic and TT Waterstop for the waterproofing of construction joints in watertight concrete constructions. TT Waterstop and TT Swellseal Mastic Guidance Notes