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Triton to launch new LPA/Primer and Repair Mortar

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Two new products will be available from Triton in January 2012.  New Triton LPA/Primer (liquid polymer additive) is a ready to use emulsion designed for use as a guaging solution or primer.

As a guaging solution it will improve the adhesion, water resistance, strength and durability of levelling compounds, Triton’s new Repair Mortar and cement mixes such as Triton’s TT 55 tanking system.

As a priming coat it is designed to obtain maximum adhesion before the application of Triton’s new Repair Mortar, floor levelling compounds, and Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane.

New Triton Repair Mortar is a pre-packed ,polymer modified, cement based repair mortar .  The non shrink formulation provides a smooth grey concrete finish to repair areas.  The addition of new Triton LPA Primer will enhance the strength of the mix and is particularly recommended for use in areas subject to slight movement. Typical areas of use will include repairing honeycombed concrete, leaking construction joints, spalled concrete, screen repair and repair or replacement of render sections.

More information will be available from your local Triton technical sales representative in January.

Triton TT Vapour Membrane – news- this product will be available in 5 litre tubs from January 2012.

Watertight basement for luxury mews development

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Grosvenor Mews 28

Platon Multi membrane to lower basement walls – square pit will house sump, round cover is for foul pumping station

Waterproofing systems from Triton were specified for a luxury mews development in London by R & D Management – specialist waterproofing advisors and surveyors.  The project included a twin level basement constructed from in- situ reinforced concrete.

Given the type and form of construction, and its intended use, a BS 8102 2009 Type C system (cavity drain membranes) was specified as the most appropriate method of waterproofing.

However to provide additional waterproofing protection and as an anti-lime coating to the cavity drain membranes, Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane was applied to the entire basement (walls, floors and soffits).  TT Vapour Membrane is designed as a fast drying waterproof and gas proof membrane which is supplied as a ready blended coating which can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

The cavity drain membranes were installed by waterproofing specialists, Renlon Ltd, who fitted Platon Multi to all walls and Platon P20 to the lower basement floor. Both types were supplied by Triton.

Cavity drain membranes work on the principle of allowing any water to continue to penetrate the structure but control it in the air gaps between the studs and divert it to a suitable drainage point. They do not allow pressure to build up against the internal construction.  They are loose laid on floors and fixed to walls using special plugs and sealing materials.   Once fitted the wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered directly and floors can be screeded or a dry board system installed.

Drainage was provided by Triton’s Aquachannel, a conduit fitted around the permimeter of both upper and lower basement levels and linked through the upper basement floor slab by a series of downpipes.  Rodding points were located within the Aquachannel to provide access to maintain and test the system. Any water entering the Aquachannel system is directed to a sump in the lower basement containing two  mains powered pumps which are controlled by Triton’s Dual Assist  Control Panel.

On completion, the system was fully flood tested to ensure all details had been designed and installed correctly and performed as per the specification.

Tritons TT Vapour Membrane used as anti lime coating to upper basement level walls

Triton TT Super Admix and TT Vapour Membrane for new build project

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Triton has supplied waterproofing systems and technical support to a £4.5 million new build project in Richmond, Surrey.

The two storey building includes a concrete basement  made watertight with the inclusion of Triton’s integral watertight concrete admix – TT Super – as well as associated construction jointing systems, to provide a Type B waterproofing system as defined in BS 8102 2009.

The building will also feature a Green Wall and extensive landscaping.

Triton’s TT Super watertight concrete system fully complies with the BS/EU performance requirements for Type B integral protection for concrete waterproofing.

Unlike some other systems which are merely concrete pore blockers and continue to allow water to pass through minor shrinkage/heave/loading/thermal cracks, TT Super provides an in-depth, “active self healing crystallization system”.

Showing ring beam incorporating TT Super Admix and blinding slab being laid before installation of watertight structural slab

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Top of completed basement prior to application of TT Vapour Membrane

The basement was built by specialist reinforced concrete frame company, Modebest. Here is a link to their website. Modebest website.

Triton also supplied its liquid applied elastomeric TT Vapour Membrane for all internal surfaces to both enhance the waterproofing aspect and to protect against potential harmful contaminants from the ground.

TT Vapour Membrane applied to ground slab as gas barrier

Triton’s TTVM was also applied as a “Gas Barrier” to a service trench. The trench is at ground level, approximately 30 metres long and 1 metre deep.  It will house various services such as IT, water,  electricity etc and has a surface area of approximately 120M 2 in total.The entire ground floor slab and basement immediately below it has been gas proofed and sealed with a 3 coat application of TT Vapour Membrane to approximately 600 M2 in total, as all concrete can be vapour permeable, all internal block walls received a Triton Fillet Seal detail at wall / floor junctions, applied at 45 degree angles prior to the TT Vapour Membrane application, as 90 degree angles can be prone to hairline cracking at construction joints. However this detail was not required at the kicker joints approximately 150mm up the walls within the main structure.

TT Vapour membrane applied as gas barrier to service trench
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Period property basement refurbished by Premier Treatments

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
A dry habitable basement was created for this period property

A dry habitable basement was created for this period property

Triton approved contractors, Premier Treatments, have refurbished the basement in a period property in Hertfordshire, a project which also incorporated repointing and waterproofing the exterior substrate of the property. A range of Triton products and systems were used to complete the project including Platon Plaster Base cavity drain membranes, the Aqua Pump Drainage system, Tritec 121 Plus dual purpose wood preservative and Triproof AQ surface applied water repellent.

A key factor in this project was the property’s close proximity to a major road that sloped towards the property. Subsequently the lower sections of the masonry and pointing were in poor condition due to the continual splashing of rain water and road de-icing salts from passing vehicles, as well as prolonged vibrations caused by the constant passing heavy traffic.  The Premier Treatments team made good all external defective cracks and pointing and then applied Triton’s Triproof A.Q. masonry water repellent, which reduces moisture absorption by the structure. It is also UV resistant and colourless and therefore prolongs the life of the structure by offering protection from further water ingress and erosion, as well as protecting against the damaging and adverse effects of harmful freeze/thaw weather cycles with their detrimental affect on exposed porous surfaces such as masonry and concrete. At the same time it still allows the substrate to breathe.

Premier Treatments were asked to waterproof, refurbish and upgrade the existing basement to a modern Grade 3 habitable environment (as defined in BS 8102: 2009). Their specification included the installation of a Type C cavity drained membrane waterproofing system (as defined in BS 8102: 2009) incorporating Triton’s drainage system of Aquachannel conduit, Aqua Pump and Sump. Platon Multi cavity drain membrane was laid to the floor over a layer of blinding concrete and Platon Plasterbase, which received a space saving, dot and dab, skimmed plasterboard finish was installed to the walls.

All embedded/structural timbers within the basement were treated and will be preserved by an application of Triton’s Tritec 121 Plus timber preservation fluid. Tritec 121 Plus is a dual purpose (insecticide and fungicide) treatment offering one hour re-entry and its use will reduce the chance of the timbers decaying and breaking down within the cavities with the potential to cause blockages within the drainage system. Premier Treatments installed several rodding eyes to the Aquachannel  perimeter conduit for flushing and maintenance purposes, which is an essential element to any Type C cavity drained waterproofing system.  This system will be flushed yearly.

Exterior Masonry was treated with Triproof AQ

The exterior masonry was treated with Triproof AQ

The internal basement walls were lined with Platon Plaster Base membrane

A new, dry, warm habitable living space for the family