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R & D Management specify Triton systems in major refurb project

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Specialist surveyors, R & D Management, specified waterproofing systems from Triton in the refurbishment of a multi-million pound dwelling in West London.  The full upgrade includes a combination of three types of BS 8102 2009 compliant waterproofing system to ensure the new two storey basement remains totally watertight. The new multi level basement will house swimming pool, changing area and plant rooms.

The new concrete basement, including liner walls, base slab and roof was installed by main contractor, Trenchco, and the concrete was made watertight with the inclusion of Triton’s TT Super Admix complying with BS 8102 2009 as a Type B integral waterproofing system. The concrete was supplied by London Concrete.  Triton’s jointing components, TT Swellseal Mastic and TT Waterstop (hydrophilic strips) were used to ensure watertight construction joints.

TT Waterstop and TT SwellSeal Mastic in applied in rebate to ensure watertight construction joints

TT Waterstop and TT SwellSeal Mastic applied in rebate to ensure watertight construction joints

The key benefits of TT Super Admix are that it works as an active ‘self healing’ system, rather than just a ‘pore blocking’ system which may still leak due to design/shrinkage/thermal cracks.   It also locks in any free lime that may leach from the new concrete which could result in blockages in the drainage system.

Triton approved contractors, MGA Contracts Limited, then installed Platon cavity drain membranes to internal walls and floors of the new basement to achieve Type C cavity drained waterproofing as defined by BS 8102 2009, with the drainage discharging into the main pumps and pipe work fitted with odour-resistant non-return valves. Triton supplied pump and sump systems from its new Aqua Pump Pro range.

Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane, a liquid applied waterproofing system, was applied in an approximate 1 metre band around the entire perimeter of the earth retaining soffits below ground level, and dressed approximately 250mm down the internal walls.  The Platon membrane was lapped and sealed with corner strip over the second coat of TT Vapour Membrane while it was still tacky at wall/soffit levels.  Therefore any potential vapour will simply follow the path of least resistance and drop behind the Platon membrane be subsequently picked up by the Aquachannel conduit installed around the wall/floor junctions.

First coat of TTVM applied to soffit prior to sealing Platon Membrane

First coat of TTVM applied to soffit prior to sealing Platon Membrane

It is recommended that TT Vapour Membrane or a similar Type A waterproofer is applied across the entire under soffit of a ground slab, especially where a green roof or garden is to be installed over it. Please refer to detail drawing no. TT010-1(1):

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Tri-Seal secures data storage facility from damp

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Tri-Seal damp proof membrane and water vapour suppressant is part of Triton’s range of liquid applied damp proof and waterproofing systems to provide Type A barrier protection in accordance with BS 8102 (2009).  Installed here to a bunded floor in a secure data storage facility in the South East by Triton approved contractors, Premier West.

A solvent free, two part epoxy resin coating, Tri-Seal is well suited for use as a water and water proof barrier, beneath raised access floors, in plant rooms and bunded areas. It is also suitable for application on damp surfaces, such as sand/cement and cement floors subject to rising damp or containing residual construction moisture. Tri-Seal can be used as a general purpose coating for surfaces subject to foot and light wheeled traffic.   Application can be by brush or medium pile roller on to sound, clean surfaces. New concrete subfloors or sand/cement screeds should be left for a minimum of seven days to cure before applying this product.

Tri-Seal is available in 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre packs.

Tri-Seal to bunded floor

Tri-Seal to bunded floor