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New liquid applied membrane strengthens Triton’s range

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Triton's new roofing compound applied to concrete roof deck

One of a raft of new products launched by Triton Systems this Spring, new Triton RC is a highly versatile elastomeric acrylic waterproof membrane designed to waterproof a variety of external surfaces.
A key application will be its use as a waterproof and UV resistant coating on new and existing roofs, podium decks, parapet walls and any general weather exposed surfaces.  As a water based formulation Triton RC is environmentally safe, is solvent free and contains no toxins. Spillages can be cleaned up with water whilst still wet.

When applied to the correct thickness Triton RC offers excellent long term resistance to UV light and climate exposure, and its flexible properties mean it will accommodate normal substrate movement without rupture. It is also resistant to fungi and algae growth and to salt and carbon attack.    The cured product can withstand light foot traffic.  Suitable substrates include concrete, masonry brick, cement renders, asphalt, plasterboard, wet area timber sheeting, clay and concrete blocks, treated metals and all other Triton products.

New Triton LPA/Primer is recommended as a primer before applicaton on bitumen, asphalt or steel surfaces.   Triton RC can be applied using a roller, brush or spray.  Two coats are recommended with the second applied two to three hours after the first, with an overall drying time of 24 hours.

For more information call your local Triton sales representative or the sales office on 01322 318830

Triton helps celebrate a 300th birthday

Friday, March 9th, 2012

David Johnson of Specialist Remedial Services Ltd of Stourbridge, has used Triton’s systems to complete waterproofing works to the roof of the well housing a replica 1712 Newcomen engine at the Black Country Living Museum. The works are part of a £60,000 restoration programme to prepare the engine for a special steam weekend this summer to celebrate its tercentenary. The engine is the world’s only working replica of this type of engine, designed principally to pump water out of mines.

The existing slab was cleaned off, and Triton’s SBR cement slurry was laid to the slab, with Triton Fillet Seal used to cove off all wall/floor upstands. A new screed was then applied, followed by three coats of Triton TT Vapour Membrane ( to the slab and downturns.  TT Vapour Membrane is a liquid applied Type A waterproofer as defined in BS 8102.

TT Vapour Membrane liquid applied waterproofer was applied to the roof

Applying TT Vapour Membrane

Finally Platon Double Drain ( a cavity drain membrane designed for external use, was installed to the area including the down face of the perimeter walls and linked in to the bed joints in the adjoining brickwork.

David Johnson is also carrying out resin repairs to the main beam – more information to follow on this when works are complete…

The Black Country Living Museum celebrates the Newcomen Engine's 300th birthday this year!

For more information about the Black Country Living Museum and the Newcomen engine, please visit their website:

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