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Waterproof basement extends new restaurant facilities

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Triton’s barrier and drained waterproofing systems have been used by Protectahome to waterproof the existing concrete cellar below a new restaurant.  Part of the Soho House Group, Pizza East Kentish Town is a raw, stripped-back space with steel beams, wooden floors, huge windows, brickwork and bare concrete. The cellar offered potential for storage, food preparation, staff rooms and managers office with data connections but was suffering from ground water ingress and rainwater ingress from the car park above.

Triton approved contractors, Protectahome, specified a combined approach to waterproof the structure and provide dry storage for the restaurant.  A Type A barrier protection system was specified to waterproof the soffit and a Type C cavity drained system was specified for the walls and floor. Triton provided all elements of the combined system which conforms to BS 8021 2009.

The concrete soffit was prepared and treated using Triton Repair Mortar, Triton Fillet Seal and Triton TT55 Waterproof Slurry. The TT55 was modified with Triton Tanking Mix Elastifier (TTME) to produce a more flexible waterproof coating. The remaining walls, floors and stanchions were primed with an anti-lime coating prior to the installation of the Platon cavity drain membrane system.   The inclusion of an anti-lime coating within a waterproofing specification will reduce the amount of free lime leaching into the system – which may put the system under undue risk, and improve the water resistance of the basement.

Platon P8 membrane was installed to the walls and deeper studded Platon P20 membrane laid to the floors. Any water still entering the building will be controlled behind the membrane and directed to and discharged from the drainage system. The integral drainage system comprised Triton Aqua Channel conduit fitted to the periphery of the area, which will direct any future water ingress to a Triton Aqua Pump Pro Sump, which contains the high water alarm, mains powered pump and battery back up pump which would be activated in case of mains failure.

The Protectahome team completed the works to a very high standard and on time  – allowing the client to finish the area and open the business on time.

Triton introduce new jointing strip

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Triton has introduced a new sealing system designed to waterproof expansion/movement joints within concrete structures.  New Triton Colflex is a ready to use Hypalon jointing strip that forms a complete, high quality joint sealing system when used with Triton’s Trimol 23 epoxy adhesive.

Typical applications include sealing moving joints such as expansion joints and the treatment of isolated cracks in concrete – including cracks with large dilations.

Using Trimol 23, Colflex can be applied to wet or dry surfaces.  Trimol 23 has a very high adhesion to most construction materials and a fast curing time.  The Trimol 23/Colflex combination remains elastic, even at low temperatures.

Colflex is supplied in 1mm x 100mm x 20m and 1mm x 200mm x 20m rolls.

More information from the Triton sales office on 01322 318830 or download these documents:

Triton Colflex Data Sheet

Triton Colflex Material Safety Data Sheet

Detail drawing: TT057-1(1)

New build underground car park waterproofed to BS 8102 2009 standard

Friday, February 1st, 2013

A waterproof concrete basement has been constructed to the rear of a London police station. The basement is to be used as a car park and plant room.  The basement is of steel sheet piled construction, with the concrete liner walls and floor made watertight by the inclusion of Triton’s TT Super Admix within the RC structure. Triton’s TT Waterstop and TT Swellseal Mastic were used to waterproof all concrete construction joints interfaces, and penetrations, such as service ducts / tie bars etc

Early stages site overview

The ground level slab (see in-situ form work at the far end of fig 1) incorporates a minimum 1M band of concrete waterproofed with TT Super Admix around the entire perimeter and this external podium detail will be further waterproofed at a later stage using Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane and Platon Double Drain membrane, as per the detail drawingTT-IP040-1(1)

Fig 1

Triton products specified:
2000 kg  Triton TT Super Admix

400 LM Triton TT Waterstop

100 x cartridges Triton TT Swellseal Mastic

Triton’s TT Super Admix is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and is designed to be used as an admix at the time of batching. The active chemicals react with fresh concrete to generate a non-soluble crystalline formation which seals the concrete itself against the penetration of water or liquid, protecting it from the deterioration effect of harsh environmental conditions, and is closely monitored by Triton from inception stage through to concrete mix design and placement stages, for warranty purposes.

TT Waterstop is pre-formed in a ready to use roll which swells up to 350% when in contact with water when fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against concrete surfaces to resist hydrostatic pressure and to stop water from entering a sub-structure. It returns to its original size if the concrete and substrate is completely dry but re-expands to seal the potential leaking joints when water or moisture is re-introduced. A built in delay means it will activate approximately two days after constant exposure to water and will withstand up to a 40 metre head of pressure.

Triton’s TT Swellseal Mastic is a gun applied, single-component hydro-reactive expansion sealant for waterproofing joints in concrete and is commonly used to facilitate the installation of TT Waterstop. It will swell up to 100% when in contact with water to create a durable seal, with long lasting adhesive and hydro-swelling properties.

The intended application of TT Vapour Membrane is a ready blended, liquid applied elastomeric type coating, which once cured, provides a flexible waterproof and ground gas proof barrier.

Platon Double Drain (cavity drain membrane) provides a tough, drained protective covering to the cured TT Vapour Membrane surface. Double Drain is designed for both horizontal and vertical external use and incorporates a Geotextile filter fabric layer which dramatically reduces the chance of soil, fines and clay from entering the membrane cavities and obstructing the all-important drainage elements, as both of these products need to be applied to a suitable fall / falls toward their intended and maintainable drainage points for these types of applications.

Main contractor:  Wates Construction

Concreteting contractor:  Toureen Mangan

Concrete supplier:  Hanson