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Award Winning Waterproofing!

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Triton has joined forces with another Property Care Association (PCA) award-winning company to waterproof a major residential refurbishment site in central London.

Triton, which won the PCA’s Innovation and Sustainability award for the pioneering subscription of its systems to the new NBS BIM Library, supplied the waterproofing system components. These included 1000 m2 of cavity drain membranes – which were installed to the inner surface of all exterior walls, Aquachannel drainage conduit which was installed to the perimeter, and associated sumps and pumps. The design of the drainage system was based on a gravity feed to existing outlets.   Together these components provided an effective Type C waterproofing system as defined by BS 8102.

The system was installed by Preservation Treatments, winners of the PCA’s Contractor of the Year award. Following completion of the cavity drain membrane system, 300mm of insulation was laid to the floor before the installation of a 20mm floor membrane, which was then sealed to the wall membrane and a screed finish.

An independent dry lining system was then put in place to form the walls of the apartments. Preservation Treatments will also carry out external waterproofing works in the new build section of the development later in the project.

Another RIBA approved CPD seminar from Triton – Type B Waterproofing

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Triton’s latest RIBA approved CPD seminar focuses on structurally integral type B concrete waterproofing as defined in BS 8102, the Code of Practice for protecting below ground structures from water from the ground.

Concrete made watertight by Triton's TT Super Admix - a Type B waterproofing system

The new seminar covers design philosphy, site evaluation and risk assessment, and then goes on to look at the systems offering Type B protection in more detail, such as in depth crystalline concrete waterproofing admixtures and pre-formed waterstops.  More information about the Type B systems supplied by Triton can be found here on the main website.

The presentation also covers remedial measures, all relevant standards and regulations and a couple of Triton’s recent case studies. Reference is also made to Triton’s Type B system components which are available as BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects and downloadable from the NBS National BIM Library.

To book any of Triton’s RIBA approved CPD seminars, please visit the RIBA CPD page on the main website here where you can find details of the other seminars available and also download a booking form.

Multi-level basement – update!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
We started to report on this major central London project earlier this year (see further down page). It’s a ‘top down’ construction which will eventually comprise five storeys below ground.  A further two buildings are planned alongside each with three storey basements. Triton will eventually be supplying 9,500 m2 of Platon P20 cavity drain membrane which will be applied throughout to walls and floor slabs. 

To date TT Super and TT Vapour Membrane has been applied to all wall/floor junctions of all earth retaining elevations to the intermediate levels, to reduce the
associated risk of water ingress at these critical junctions. The same approach will be used as the lower levels are excavated and constructed.

From the blog – June 2013

Triton is supplying concrete waterproofing systems to a major multi-level basement project in central London.

Multi-level basement construction in progress

The basement construction is secant piled walls with BS 8007 concrete reinforced liner walls and slabs.
Triton has so far supplied approximately 9,000 metres of TT Waterstop (a ready to use pre-formed waterstop which swells up to 400%) and TT Swellmastic (a hydro-reactive expansion sealant) to all construction joints within the BS 8007 structure.

TT Admix, an ‘active’ concrete waterproofing admix has been incorporated to waterproof certain twin walls and Triton Colflex, a ready to use Hypalon jointing strip, has been installed to movement joints. Colflex detailing TT057-1(1)

Following construction, Triton will be supplying approximately 9,500 m2 cavity drain membranes to the site.