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Triton systems waterproof dual use basement

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Triton approved contractors, Hazel and West Ltd, have converted the basement of an old Royal Bank of Scotland building as part of the development of the site to retail and office accommodation.  The original building was demolished leaving the basement only. New walls were then constructed in the basement to divide it into retail and plant room sections, which were waterproofed to Basement Grade 3 and Grade 2 standards (BS 8102) respectively.

A sealed, type C cavity drained waterproofing system was installed to part of the basement to achieve Grade 3 standard.

To achieve Grade 3, (the usual grade stipulated for ventilated residential and commercial use and where no dampness or wetness is acceptable) a sealed, type C cavity drained waterproofing system was installed. Before installation of cavity drain membrans to walls and floor, Triton Aquachannel drainage conduit was installed into a channel offset from the perimeter wall at the edge of the retained existing floor and new floor section.  To enable maintenance of the system rodding eyes were installed at 10m internals and three discharge outlets will drain any water entering the channel behind or below the wall and floor membranes to the sub floor drainage points.

The walls and floors in the retail area were first treated with Triton’s Anti Lime Coating, to seal the concrete surface and reduce the leaching of ‘free lime’ into the drained system. Platon P8 cavity drain membrane was then installed to walls and deeper studded Platon P20 membrane to the floor, with the edges sealed to the soffits, column bases and upstands with Triton’s Tri-Seal epoxy membrane and flexible Corner Strip.

The plant room area had to conform to Grade 2 basement standard (the typical grade required for this type of use and where no water penetration is allowed but some damp areas are tolerable dependent on the intended use).  This was achieved by the application of two coats of Triton’s Tri-Seal to all walls and floor. The wall having been made good with Triton’s LPA surface primer,  Triton’s Repair Mortar and Triton Fillet Seal to waterproof wall/floor and wall/soffit joints.

0873-Triton Bishops Court Case Study v4

Triton updates on-line RIBA approved cavity drain membrane CPD

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

An updated version of Triton’s RIBA approved CPD seminar covering BS 8102 2009 Type C structural waterproofing (cavity drained) is now available on-line.

Content of the new seminar includes how to use and install cavity drain membranes to waterproof existing and new build basements,  the use of drainage and sump pumps and the importance of regular maintenance of these systems.

BIM Objects for Triton’s cavity drain membranes, pumps, sumps and drainage conduit are available for download from in ArchiCAD, Bentley, IFC, Revit and Vectorworks format.

The new on-line seminar can be accessed at the RIBA’s CPD website using the link below.