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Sunday, August 31st, 2014

St Peter's Church, Upper Areley

Prestige Preservation used Triton’s Tritec 121 to eradicate a woodworm infestation at St. Peters Church Upper Areley in Worcestershire.  The church is a Grade 2 listed building of sandstone construction dating back to the 12th Century.

However during the team’s first woodworm survey it was evident that bats were present in the belfry and the main body of the church, sharing the building with Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) and the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum).   Prestige consequently contacted Natural England to manage the bat conservation. After an initial visit by a local ecologist, a free bat survey was set up using local volunteers.

Three species of bat were found to occupy the church, these being Common Pipistrelles, Soprano Pipistrelles and a Brown Long Eared. The Soprano Pipistrelle as its name suggests is recognised by its higher frequency echolocation call.

Common Pipistrelles weigh about 5 grams (less than a pound coin) and a single pipistrelle can eat up to 300 tiny insects in one night. The Brown Long Eared has exceptionally sensitive hearing and can hear a ladybird walking on a leaf!

Bats roost twice a year, first in summer and again in winter.   Therefore if any woodworm eradication treatment or other kind of timber treatment or disturbance is going to take place, it is generally advisable to do this during May before the females set up a maternal roost.

A licence has to be obtained to carry out any treatments or disturb any bats or roost for any kind of works including damp proofing, wood worm or dry rot treatments, and failure to do this may not only harm the bats but may also lead to a hefty fine. A potential fine for each offence is £5000.00. If more than one bat is involved the fine is £5000.00 per bat, and the offender can also be jailed for six months.

The licence sets out what bats are present and gives advice on how the treatment is to be carried out. Prior to the treatment the ecologist will return to the site and confirm that any works can proceed and check the specification. Any differences can then usually be sorted on site before works commence. You will also have to supply the name and product you propose to use, so that it can be checked against the list of bat friendly pesticides list. Prestige used Triton’s Tritec 121 which is the company’s preferred product being a third generation micro emulsion with excellent penetration qualities.

NB:If you see an injured, sick or grounded bat do not pick it up or handle it call the Bat Conservation Helpline on 0845 130 0228 immediately.

BBA Certified TT Admix specified for new build commercial site in West London

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Concrete slab made watertight by Triton's TT Admix

Triton has supplied 3,280kg of TT Admix, its BBA certified concrete waterproofing system, to a prestigious new build project in West London.   The construction comprises a watertight concrete base slab with welded sheet piled walls and a watertight concrete capping beam to provide a Type B (BS 8102 2009) integral waterproofing solution.

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