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Premier Basements do it again!

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Triton approved contractor, Premier Basements, have once again provided the focus of Sarah Beeney’s ‘Double your house for half your money’ programme on Channel 4!  The show, which aired at 8pm on Wednesday September 3rd 2014, follows a family’s eight month journey to transform their garden flat into a fabulous two storey home.

The existing basement of the flat in London’s Herne Hill was a small dark storage area but was transformed into a light habitable space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Changes on the ground floor were also incorporated into the project to open up smaller rooms into larger spaces and  to install a modern glass staircase in the new lightwell at the side of the house.

At one point Sarah Beeney conducts an impressive demonstration of how the Platon cavity drain membranes work by hosing water behind them and reassuring the home owner that any water coming through the walls would flow down behind the membrane into the sump!

If you missed the programme (Series 3, episode 5) you can catch up here on Channel 4′s oD:

Channel 4′s on line  ‘Scrapbook’ also lists the suppliers involved in the project and includes a link to Premier’s website