Background and preventative measures

Condensation is the most common cause of dampness in buildings and affects properties of all types and ages. In particular it is directly associated with black mould growth. Triton offers a comprehensive range of products to control condensation including passive air vents, extractor fans, heat recovery ventilators and positive pressure units.

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Effects of condensation



Black Mould growth is often the first visible sign of condensation, usually present on decorative surfaces such as wallpaper. The mould and its spores also cause a musty odour and often give rise to respiratory health problems. When condensation occurs in roof spaces or sub floor areas, timbers in those areas can become damp and susceptible to dry or wet rot.

Condensation is more common in the colder months when water vapour levels are higher. It should also be noted that sometimes the problem can occur away from the site of water vapour production. For example water vapour produced in a bathroom or kitchen may diffuse through the house and condense on the walls of a cold bedroom.

It should be noted that Black Mould can only flourish on the pure water associated with condensation - therefore it is not an indication of rising damp.

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Primary Measures

1. Improve Ventilation

Ventilation can be achieved by a variety of measures including simply opening the windows, however the most effective method to control local condensation problems is the installation of a powered extractor fan. However, where the condensation is a widespread problem, a more successful approach would be the installation of a positive pressure system. This will draw air in to the roof space, gently push it down in to the property, and cause moisture laden air to be continually pushed out.

2. Apply Heat

A constant low level background heat will gradually warm wall surfaces and reduce the risk of condensation.

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Secondary Measures


The following supporting measures may be required in severe cases of condensation: remove excess water sources such as bottled gas heaters; insulate cold surfaces; insulate solid walls and floors; prevent water penetration which may be the cause of cool walls.

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Other Useful Measures

1. Dehumidifiers

A strategically placed dehumidifier, to lower the water content of the air, can be very effective.

2. Surface cleansers and anti-mould paints

Surface cleansers or anti-mould washes are an effective short term measure to remove Black Mould from walls and other surfaces.

Anti-mould paints are particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms or other areas where condensation is often difficult to control and where there is a high risk of mould growth. They must not be decorated over and will remain effective for many years.

3. General advice

When cooking, washing, bathing or drying clothes, keep the door closed and the window open. This will prevent warm, moist air moving to colder areas of the building.

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Triton Surface Cleanser/Anti Mould Emulsion



Triton Surface Cleanser

Designed primarily to prepare and cleanse surfaces prior to the use of Triton Anti-Mould Emulsion.

Supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water (1 part concentrate to 19 parts water by volume), the concentrate contains <10% w/w Quaternary Ammonium Halide dissolved in water.

Application: After removing non-washable or loose material, the dilution should be used to wash down the surface using a sponge, scrubbing brush or cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly, applying a second wash to badly soiled areas.

Drying Time: 1-4 hours normally.

Practical Coverage: 6-8m2/litre when diluted, depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface.

Pack size: 250ml. Supplied as a kit with Triton Anti-mould Emulsion.


Triton Surface Cleanser Data Sheet
Download (28Kb)


Triton Anti-mould Emulsion

Triton Anti-mould Emulsion is a premium quality, low odour anti-mould coating which is guaranteed to protect against Black Mould even in cases of persistent condensation. The anti-mould biocide is combined throughout the paint film, which is formulated to impart toughness, elasticity, water resistance and durability to the surface finish.

Application: Following the application of Triton Surface Cleanser, Triton Anti-mould Emulsion can be used as a primer for new or porous surfaces (thinned up to 10% with clean tap water). Allow primer coat to dry thoroughly. Apply two coats of Anti-mould Emulsion using a brush or roller, allowing sufficient drying time between coats.

Coverage: 10-12m2 per litre but an extra allowance should be made for rough or porous surfaces.

Drying Time: Touch dry in one hour and re-coatable after 2-4 hours.

Colours: Brilliant White and Magnolia.

Pack size: 2.5 litre (as a kit with Triton Surface Cleanser) and 5.0 litre.

Health and safety: The product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed (HSE No. 6308). In use it is very similar to conventional high quality emulsion paint.


Triton Anti-mould Emulsion Data Sheet
Download (29Kb)

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Triton Home Dry Vents

Air brick ventilator

Core drill ventilator

  • Quick and easy to install
  • No ongoing costs

A choice of two passive ventilation units (airbrick ventilator and core drill ventilator) that incorporate triple action filters and specially designed thermal cores for minimal heat loss.

Triton Home Dry units are designed to ventilate bedrooms and living rooms where the constant background ventilation they provide allows water vapour to escape. One air brick ventilator is usually sufficient for a single room of up to 20m2 floor area, alternatively two core drill ventilators can be installed.

Technical Data:
Model Air Brick Ventilator Core Drill Ventilator
Velocity 0.09m/s 0.09m/s
Air diffusion/hour 9.34m3 3.98m3
Water diffusion/hour 0.12kg 0.05kg
Water dissipated over 24 hours 2.8 litres 1.2 litres



Home Dry Vent – Air Brick Data Sheet
Download (376Kb)

Home Dry Vent – Core Drill Data Sheet
Download 156Kb)

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Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery ventilators provide a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture-laden unhealthy air with filtered, fresh, warmed air from outside the dwelling. The continuous controlling of relevant humidity levels ensures that conditions will not exist in which condensation or mould growth problems can develop and thrive. The unit offers a secure means of ventilation (no need to open windows) and low running costs.

Triton Heatrec 1003

A single room heat recovery unit that provides low level continuous ventilation to control condensation. The unit is suitable for use in any domestic room and can fitted entirely from the inside making it ideal for use in high rise buildings. It runs continuously at a choice of two speeds pre-set at installation and exhausts directly to the outside through a wall. Very low noise levels and running costs.


Triton Heat Recovery Room Ventilator Data Sheet
Download (254Kb)

Triton Heatrec 1003 Data Sheet
Download (254Kb)

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Extractor Fans

Triton Elix

A high performance, energy efficient centrifugal fan that exhausts directly to the outside or through long lengths of ducting (up to 15m). The unit runs continuously at either of two pre-selected speeds that are fixed at installation. Features an easily removable washable polypropylene filter and anti-vibration gasket. Energy saving ventilation with extremely low running costs. Compliant with Building Regulations Parts L1 2010 and F2010 and IPX4 splashproof rated for safe installation in Zones I and II.


Triton Elix Data Sheet
Download (394Kb)


Triton Elegance

A high performance, energy efficient 3-speed axial fan offering lowest energy consumption of its type in the UK. The unit provides low level continuous ventilation to control condensation. Suitable for installation in wall, ceiling or window (with additional window kit) in any domestic room. Can be speed boosted to maximum using integral pull cord or by remote switch/PIR sensor or dynamic remote humidistat. Features anti-turbulence deflectors to ensure very low noise levels and optimum performance. Compliant with Building Regulations Parts L1 2010 and F 2010 and IPX4 splashproof rated for safe installation in Zones I and II.


Triton Elegance Data Sheet
Download (455Kb)

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Positive Pressure Units



Positive pressure units are designed to eliminate moisture from the home by a constant circulation of gently pressurised, clean air. Installed in either the loft of a house or a hallway cupboard in a flat, the gentle pressurisation of the property expels any stale, humid air through natural ventilation points which are present in even the most insulated buildings.

Up to four humidity sensors can be fitted around the home all connected back to the main units described below to ensure total control. The air is delivered to the property through a centrally located inlet grille on the landing or hallway ceiling or a wall grille for properties without lofts.

Running costs: Both the units described below are rated at 7 watt slow and 14 watt fast. Assuming electricity costs of 12 pence per unit, and that the units might be used for an average of one hour per day, running costs would equate to just 3 pence per day/21 pence per week.

Triton PPU Flat

A cupboard mounted unit for properties without lofts. Low wattage with 2-speed manually operated switch. Extract speed 55 litres/second on fast speed or 44 litres/second on slow speed. Noise level (at full speed) is just 20dBA.


Triton Positive Pressure Units Data Sheet
Download (319Kb)


Triton PPU Loft

A loft mounted unit for installation in properties with loft space. Low wattage with 2-speed manually operated switch. Extract speed 55 litres/second on fast speed or 44 litres/second on slow speed. Noise level (at full speed) is just 25dBA.


Triton Positive Pressure Units Data Sheet
Download (319Kb)

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