Training Courses

Triton is committed to providing high quality support to all who specify or install Triton products and systems. Therefore a comprehensive range of training courses is available for specifiers, surveyors and technicians. Use the downloadable Training Course Booking Form to book your place/s on each of the courses below.

1) Waterproofing - using cavity drain membranes (including sumps and pumps)

This one-day training course covers the use of membranes in a wide range of typical applications; the correct method of installing and joining membranes on floors, walls and soffits; how to deal with service entries; methods of finishing and system maintenance.

In Type C cavity drain systems, pumps and drainage are a critical part of the waterproofing design therefore the course also covers drainage design, selection of pumps, calculating the number and size of pumps required, impact of friction loss and the installation of pump systems along with commissioning and maintenance.

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2) Damp & Timber - investigation, diagnosis and treatment

This one-day course can be adapted to suit technicians and/or surveyors. It covers the sources of dampness in buildings, the diagnosis and treatments for all types of dampness, dampness in timbers, types of attack including insect or rot, treatment of damp affected timbers and timber repairs.

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3) Ground Gas Barriers

This one-day training course provides an introduction to ground gases, site investigation, the design of gas protection measures and an introduction to Triton's comprehensive range of ground gas barriers. It also covers the relevant standards and associated guidance documents - BS8485:2015, CIRIA 735, 748 and BRE 211.

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4) Waterproof Concrete - performance, detailing, best practice and specification

This half-day course provides an introduction to the uses of Waterproof Concrete and how it can be incorporated into waterproofing designs alongside other methods such as cavity drain membranes. Specification of the actual concrete mix design, the importance of the water/cement ratio and the presence of other additives, plus the detailing of the joints using hydrophilic waterstop is also covered.

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5) Other Triton Training Courses

The following additional courses can be held on site, at the contractor's premises or at Triton's offices in South London. All courses can be provided as either a practical session or as a combination of classroom and practical sessions.

These courses can also be adapted to suit the requirements of surveyors or technicians. There are discounts available for multiple course bookings/delegates.

Please call Triton on 01322 318830 to discuss your requirements, available dates and booking procedure.

  • Sumps, pumps, drainage and maintenance
  • Green roofs - design and installation
  • Protective coatings
  • Structural repairs and wall ties

Bespoke courses are also available for your organisation; please call Triton to discuss your requirements.

NB: It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure all required preparations are made and appropriate equipment and products are available prior to the start of any on-site course. These requirements are listed in the downloadable document below.

Triton On-Site Training Requirements
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6) RIBA CPD Seminars

As a RIBA accredited CPD provider, Triton is also able to offer six approved CPD seminars on basement waterproofing in new build or existing structures, waterproofing concrete structures below ground and green roofs/living roofs. These can be booked via the RIBA Seminar page on this site.