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Combination of Triton Systems waterproofs new school extension

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Watertight Homes Ltd was recently appointed to install primary and secondary waterproofing systems to a new extension built into the hillside from an existing school building in Cheshire. Primary waterproofing protection to all the retaining wall block work was achieved by the installation of Triton’s TWS EX-100 self-adhesive membrane and this was protected by Platon Double Drain and a French drain to the kicker floor.A secondary waterproofing layer was achieved by lining the inside face of the retaining wall with Platon P8 – a BBA certified cavity drain membrane. All waterproofing materials were supplied by Triton Systems. Read the full case study here.

Primary waterproofing was achived by Triton's TWS EX-100 self adhesive membrane

Triton high water level alarms for basements

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Triton has strengthened its range of high water level alarms designed for use in  cavity drained systems in basement waterproofing projects.

The Triton Powersafe Unit is an automatic, battery back up high water level alarm, ideal for retrofitting to existing sump and pump systems as well as for new installations. The unit stores power allowing it to take over the operation of the pump/s and protecting the property from flooding during mains power loss to the pump/s.  The stylish control panel also features a high level audible alarm and visual indicators of pump performance. The system can be used in single or dual pump configurations and is suitable for both groundwater and foul waste.

The Triton Universal Monitor is a neat warning system that uses the internet to send real time alerts to homeowners and installers about sump pump activity including: mains power failure, water levels, pump cycles, pump run times and service requirements.  All alerts can be monitored remotely in real time using a smart phone, tablet or PC.

Triton AquaSafe is an alarm system designed for installation in the basement near to the sump that alerts the property user to a high water level situation in the sump, a power failure to the alarm or when there is service due. A battery inside the unit activates the alarm in times of mains power failure and the system is activated via a mini or sump float switch inside the sump.

For more technical information and installation guides click here or speak to your local Triton technical representative – find yours here.

Triton approved contractor waterproofs prestigious development

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Preservation Treatments were invited to tender for waterproofing works to the basement area of Berkeley Homes’ prestigious development at Leman Street, London.  The specification called for the application of a Triton cavity drain membrane system to the walls and floor of the vast basement area of the property, around 8,000 square feet. Preservation Treatments were instructed to commence works on a tight programme, requiring a high level of coordination between site management and Preservation Treatments’ staff.

Platon P8 membrane was fixed to all internal masonry walls and sealed to Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane liquid applied membrane at the heads and junctions, with a drainage channel installed to the perimeter.  The design of the drainage system was based on a gravity feed to existing outlets.

Following completion of the walls, 300mm of insulation was laid to the floor before the installation of Platon P20 membrane, which was then sealed to the wall membrane and a screed finish applied.  An independent dry lining system was then put in place to form the walls of the apartments.  Berkeley Homes were impressed with Preservation Treatments’ professionalism, from the start of the tender process to the completion of their works. The company has since been appointed to carry out some external waterproofing works on a new build section of the development.

Preservation Treatments

Tel 0800 980 4937

Online resource for specifiers of Type B (integral) waterproofing systems

Monday, July 20th, 2015

For specifiers looking to satisfy the requirements of a BS 8102:2009 Type B waterproofing system, Triton has launched a new website that focuses on its BBA certified integral Type B system.    Typically used in the construction of new build and retrofit basements, underground car parks, swimming pools and lift pits etc, the system includes a unique chemical admix, products for sealing construction joints and cable ducts and to make repairs. also features case studies where the system has been specified successfully in commercial and residential projects and links to useful documents and technical information on Triton’s main website.

Triton’s technical team is ready to offer full system support, including liaison with the concrete batching plant, mix design, construction joint detailing, site monitoring as well as concrete repair systems and warranty when required. For further information call Triton on 01322 318830.